Over Sands, Making Waves

Over Sands, Making Waves

This British duo is definitely coming out of its shell. Despite their short existence, they are gaining positive support from their fans and critics all around. Since their first release back in 2015, they have been gaining momentum. Their music is really something to appreciate. It’s groovy yet soulful, with a little bit of indie guitar and smooth vocals. It’s definitely a sound the masses would enjoy.

Interesting enough is their story of coming up. This brotherly duo from London has their label, B3SCI based out in LA. They started out doing sessions in a beach house. Then they decided it would be a good idea to change locations to an abandoned school building in London. Crazy right? “Roman Rooms’ was mainly recorded there and specifically at night, giving the music it’s murky feel.

Give them a minute and listen to them on iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, and Spotify. They are also selling limited edition 12″ clear vinyl for you vinyl lovers out there. No physical CDs,(who buys CDs anyway) but the digital albums is available online.

Fans are super excited about their new EP release “Roman Rooms.” Their single “Memory House,” has gotten a lot of attention from bloggers, critics, and fans. Memory House has caught traction for a reason. That being how the song is portrayed by its listeners. Some can explain it by expressing its nostalgic sound making the user reflect on how a collection of memories make up the present and how our memories can distort the past.

This is definitely a group to keep a close eye on. It seems everytime they release something, they continue to surprise their fans. Ride the wave with Over Sands.

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