Glass Animals: It’s So Clear Now

Glass Animals: It's So Clear Now

I can picture four crystal clear glass animals. Animals you wouldn’t dare catch together even sharing the same breath of air. But imagine these animals work together to create a reality unknown to others. One so beautifully constructed, you can’t help but listen and appreciate. Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joe Seaward are Glass Animals. I can promise you they are nothing like you’ve ever heard before. And yes, I mean that in a good way.

This dangerous foursome constructs breathy vocal percussion and hooks along with an Indie, trip-hop, r&b soul music to create a whole new territory of sound. Before being who they are today they were actually some kids who were ever so slightly dipping their toes into the music industry while mostly trying to establish degrees for themselves. Playing it safe basically. Music was cooking slowly on the back burner, whereas school was always the priority.

One night when a big name producer had shown up to one of their small gigs they knew it was going to be a life changer. This was when that little thing called school had been thrown completely out the window. Paul Epworth had produced a lot of big names such as Adele and Bruno Mars so they were really panicked but excited that he had shown up for them. After hearing their psychedelic sound, Epworth talked to them for a bit and soon after signed them to his label.

Glass Animal’s approach to music is very different as well. Take one of their popular songs “Gooey” for example. They made the instrumental first, making sure to get the groove right and ready. Then they compose the lyrics and it’s not about telling a story, it’s more like a word play. Twisting and mixing up various words, intertwining them into a beat so funky, it’s mesmerizing.

That’s just the kind of stuff Glass Animals do. They have come a long way from med school and trying to get degrees, to this. Where would music be without them? Well, a good thing for them is, their world is now clear. They are exactly where they should be, sharing with the world a small piece of their colorful world.

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