Chance The Rapper: From Independent To Mainstream

A quick look at Chance the Rapper’s impressive success story.

Everyone loves a self-made man. But when it comes to artists, most people think that the only way to “make it” in the music industry is if they can land a contract with a major label.

But  Chance the Rapper was different. Instead of trying to become a superstar in the traditional method by “selling out” and compromising his beliefs, Chance proved that today’s technology and pure artistry can make you famous.

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Meet Chance the Rapper

Born Chancelor Jonathan Bennett to middle-class parents, Chance is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, philanthropist, and activist. He’s an independent artist that’s being hailed by many – experts and fans alike – as the most talented rapper of his generation. 

Even if you’re not the biggest follower of the mainstream music industry, there’s still a good chance that you’ve heard of Chance the Rapper before. With a huge global following, White House performances and appearances, and millions of downloads, he’s far from being a nobody despite not being in the mainstream.

He has released three solo mixtapes (10-Day, Acid Rap, and Coloring Book) and one as a part of the outfit known as The Social Experiment (Surf) on the internet. For the first two, he used a mixtape sharing site known as DatPiff where his tunes were downloaded for millions of times for free. While Surf was released exclusively on iTunes, it was still a freebie.

His latest work, Coloring Book, was also initially released for exclusive streaming on Apple Music. This is where he really broke the mold as it had many notable firsts. For one, it’s the first ever release to chart on Billboard based solely on streams. Two, it’s also the very first streaming-only album that received a nomination and even won a Grammy.

A true independent artist, Chance is considered as a pioneer in the industry. The fact that he made it big from just releasing in digital format is something unexpected. He surprised people by continuously releasing albums for free even with the critical success of his first.

Some people even believe that Chance’s work prompted the Recording Academy to include streaming-only releases as qualified works for their awards. Its win has become symbolic of the changes that are currently taking place in the industry right now.

How He Made It to the Mainstream

Chance the Rapper’s story will go down in music history. The buzz he has created is of the most honorable form. He made and stayed true to his music despite his rising fame and continued to stay well-connected to his roots. Not only are his beats good, but he’s also a very vocal advocate of racial justice. He’s also a philanthropist who just donated a cool million to the Chicago Public Schools.

Profiled by some of the biggest publications, there’s no denying that Chance is making his mark in the industry. Lots of media outfits are all-praises for Chance, both for his music and for taking an active role in making a change.

All of these appeal to the public right now, so even though he doesn’t have a label to promote his music, he’s continuously rising in the ranks of today’s hip-hop and even pop artists. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s friends with and respected by the biggest celebrities, so his entry into the mainstream is inevitable.

With such talent, bright mind, and great promise, we can certainly expect a lot more from Chance the Rapper.

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