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Chance The Rapper: From Independent To Mainstream

A quick look at Chance the Rapper’s impressive success story.

Everyone loves a self-made man. But when it comes to artists, most people think that the only way to “make it” in the music industry is if they can land a contract with a major label.

But  Chance the Rapper was different. Instead of trying to become a superstar in the traditional method by “selling out” and compromising his beliefs, Chance proved that today’s technology and pure artistry can make you famous.

He inspired me to break off my 9-5 job and open up my own Oahu tree service company. Today, my company has been exponentially growing! I owe it to Chance the Rapper’s story.

Meet Chance the Rapper

Born Chancelor Jonathan Bennett to middle-class parents, Chance is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, philanthropist, and activist. He’s an independent artist that’s being hailed by many – experts and fans alike – as the most talented rapper of his generation. 

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